8 December 2010


So one of our first tasks at uni was to make a moodboard based on our obsessions, didn't really think they'd appreciate an a3 sheet with the asos logo so decided to do one about fun fashion images. Now this is my first proper moodboard meaning that every other one involved finding all the pictures I liked then trying to fit them all onto one sheet, no real thought to composition or layout or the white space on of my tutors is obsessed with. I've now been doing my course for 2 and a half months now so thought I'd have a go at another one on black and white photography. I love it because i think it shows real skill on the part of all involved to be able to convey everything in greyscale. Hopefully you can see the improvement!

[Moodboards by moi, no copying, editing, using or re-distributing without permission, thanks]

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