26 February 2011

osman a/w 2011/12...

 Now I've been a huge fan of Osman since I saw his show last year at fashion week
I love his use of colour and the cut of his clothes, breathtaking!

The atmosphere was really calm and serene, the music setting the scene for next A/W.
The catwalk itself was a long white strip of fabric with a purple/blue/violet print 
running along the centre- oh I should mention that this season there was no catwalk
in the BFC showspace just floorboards. For this show I had to help seat BFC sponsors
-which basically involved telling people not to sit on reserved seats. 

The clothes themselves used lots of bright colours and black leather. The fabric was often quilted 
with stitch detailing on top. I loved the colours all so bright and vibrant and
will be perfect for brightening up a Winter day. The models were really pale and
wore black wigs with an asymmetric grown out bob and straight fringe.

My favourite outfits were the pale turquoise trousers and bright orange quilted top
and the finale dress which was a fuschia full length dress with a triangle of cobalt blue
and cut out detailing... gorgeous... roll on next season!

[These photos are all taken by me so please no stealing or editing without asking]

24 February 2011

back to reality...

Just a little post to say I'm back from London! After having spent 6 days
at fashion week I am now well and truly shattered! Anyways I had an amazing
time and got to see some shows :) Will upload pics soon!

This was just a random photo I took in the catwalk space before a show
-I really like the lighting just a shame I had to take my rubbish camera
... seriously need to start saving for an SLR!

17 February 2011

ready and waiting...

So these are my outfits for LFW! So excited and I cannot believe that this time tomorrow
I will be there. Now I'm just waiting to leave... and downloading Gossip Girl Season 1 onto
my iPod for the journey :) If only I had their shopping budget and Serena or Blairs sense
of style. Anyway I wont be posting for a while but will do my best to take hundreds
of pics while I'm there. Hopefully I'll see a few shows... and celebrities ;)

16 February 2011

getting ready for LFW...

[Ring from small jewellery shop in New York]

[Ring from Dorothy Perkins]

[Necklace from ASOS]

So yesterday I decided to sort out what I'm gonna wear for LFW... decisions decisions!
I'm not very good at planning my clothes ahead as I never know what I'm gonna feel
like wearing so a bit of a challenge. Anyway I now have my six outfits sorted, YEY!

By the time I finally got round to planning it was gone 1 in the morning so the light was
awful to try and take pics with, also I'm back at uni so I'm now back to using my
compact no more of mums amazing Nikon SLR :( but you can sort of see two of my
outifts below. Will try and post some better pics of my outfits soon.
 Now all I have to do is pack :)

[Photos by moi, no copying, editing, using or re-distributing without permission, thanks]

Band of Outsiders + Kirsten Dunst = LA Wonderland

While browsing the internet I came across this new ad campaign by Band of Outsiders.
The photos were taken on 1st February at Pasadena's huntington Botanical Gardens, just
as well they didn't try and shoot it in England. Somehow I don't think it would look
quite so whimsical if it was chucking it down with rain. 

Starring Kirsten Dunst it really reminds me of her Marie Antoinette film, maybe 
because of the dream like world she seems to be living in. Anyway I love
this campaign, in a strange way it looks natural and refreshingly unposed. 
They're actually in polaroid form, although I love the photography so much I think
it's a shame, still gorgeous though.

15 February 2011

H&M + eco-friendly = guilt free heaven

One of my favourite high-street brands H&M is on 14th April launching Conscious Collection,
a range of white clothing which is made from eco-friendly fabrics including organic
cotton and recycled polyester. Oh and not only is it good eco-friendly they're also gorgeous,
from blazers to scallop detail shorts, it has everything you'll need for that perfect summer
wardrobe, including the LWD

avoidance is bliss...

Earings were my grandmothers so no idea where they're from but I love them :)

So my first module just ended and I had two weeks off, needless to say spent it at friends
houses and avoiding any form of work! In my defence I had just handed in a report.
So anyway while avoiding work I started taking random pics around the house,
and these are my favourites... enjoy.

[Photos by moi, no copying, editing, using or re-distributing without permission, thanks]

8 February 2011

never let me go...

Haunting yet beautiful...

On the flight back to New York I watched this film and wound up crying my heart out! 
It's such an incredible film, from the scenery to the acting to the lighting everything
is believable and chilling. The story itself is based on the book by Kazuo Ishiguro,
its thought provoking and fascinating. 

Ruth (Keira Knightley), Kathy (Carey Mulligan) and Tommy (Andrew Garfield)
 all go to a seemingly idyllic boarding school in the English countryside,
and the film follows them as they grow up and learn their fate. 
I won't say anymore as I think probably the less you know before you watch
the film the better, I'd heard of it but knew little about the plot and within 5 minutes
was completely immersed in it.

It's out in England on 11th February and is truly worth a watch.

7 February 2011


These are some of my recent purchases- all from asos of course. I love 
the colours and textures, suede, leather and metal. They'll be perfect with a
denim playsuit or cotton summer dress. 

Roll on the sun!

[Photos by moi, no copying, editing, using or re-distributing without permission, thanks]

6 February 2011

LFW = eeek!

It's that time... London Fashion Week is back! It's only been 5 months since
the last one and I cannot wait. I got a phone call on Tuesday asking
me to go back, for the past 2 seasons I've worked there and absolutely
loved it. Needless to say I didn't hesitate. The shows, the people, the atmosphere
is just incredible. Now all I need to do is decide what to wear...

This picture is from my first ever fashion show! It's Sass & Bide A/W 2010/11. 
There was a spare ticket, so there I was first fashion show on the second row,
I couldn't have dreamed it better.

[Photos by moi, no copying, editing, using or re-distributing without permission, thanks]