15 September 2011

so long farewell...

This afternoon I'm off to London for Fashion Week where I'm doing another work experience with the British Fashion Council. So I've spent the morning packing and getting ready for a few days in the capital. 

Oh and I got to wear my new Barbour wellies this morning! 

13 September 2011

and so autumn begins...

swatch watch, earings dorothy perkins, necklace accessorize

First week of September and while NYC fashion week is going on here I am at home in my little town waiting for London Fashion Week and a trip to the capital! These are just some images from my week. Finally got my September issues of Vogue US and Elle US- they are HUGE. The swatch watch had to have new straps so went for clear ones which makes it look like theres just the time bit on my wrist.

Oh and I've become a fixated with getting the out of focus dots in photos recently in case you can't tell.

9 September 2011

nyc BABY...

So New York Fashion Week has begun! To get into the spirit of things here is a preview of Jason Wu's S/S 2012 collection.
Featuring Lindsey Wixon and Mr. Wu himself.


This is why I love fashion.

8 September 2011

scruff and glamour...

Flicking through October magazines I kept seeing this image. Paul Smith's a/w ad campaign, personally I think adverts are aspirational. They make you want to be a part of the image/idea, and therefor your buying into the lifestyle and image the brand are selling. I don't then know what to think of the above image, it's bleak, unglamorous and a little scruffy. It definitely doesn't make me want to rush out and buy the clothes. I now androgyny is in but you can still be boyishly glamorous just look at Alexa Chung. 

And the colours are so bleak, mainly black with a little colour and white. Not exciting or eye catching. I love black and white photography it can be so glamorous and beautiful, just look below at Valentino's s/s 2011 campaign. So simple, so stunning. 

Below that is Valentino's a/w campaign (both btw are shot by David Sims), which like Paul Smiths ad has a lot of shadow and dark but its not overpowering and merely adds to the beauty of the light part. The two images are so similar yet a million miles apart in my opinion. While I stopped in confusion at Paul Smiths, I wanted to cut Valentino's out and stick it on the wall... and then go and buy their clothes! Which is all the difference I think, I merely now flick the page past Paul Smiths ad, while I've bought into Valentino's lifestyle.

7 September 2011

4 September 2011

la fin...

Final day in Paris and hardly any walking! After having seen what felt like every Parisienne woman with a mystery handbag we finally asked someone where on earth it was from. Transpires it's a fold up bag (they have a whole range of 'Le Pliage' bags -so one for everyone- which are patented) from Longchamps, after a quick look on the internet it turns out it's €75. So final morning off we went to Longchamps where I bought my Parisienne bag :) and then a pair of boat shoes round the corner from a shop called Mandsfield. Was a lovely morning, breakfast in a cafe, walked past churches, designer shops and lovely squares. Then crepes for lunch where we could see the Sorbonne and Eiffel Tower. Taxi to the Gard du Nord and two trains later we were home. It was an incredible holiday, lot of walking and sightseeing but mainly just soaking up Paris. Loved it, no one dresses quite like the Parisienne's.
1. Morning chocolat chaud
2. Mum and I at breakfast
3. Last streetlight
4. Longchamps Le Pliage handbag display
5. Choosing the bag
6. The new purchase :)
7. Shoes!
8. Lunch... yum
9. Taxi ride to the Eurostar
10. Final door handle!

exhibitons, shops and very sore feet...

Fourth day and feet are dead... this wasn't helped by a half hour walk in the wrong direction! Anyway once we got to the Bourdelle Museum we saw the Madame de Gres exhibit which was stunning. Her pieces are incredible the amount of detail on each dress and seeing them alongside Roman sculptures just added to the drama. Then onto Les Arts Decoratif Museum to see the Hussein Chalayan exhibit, his clothes aren't really my thing but the technology and thought process behind them is pretty incredible (no photos aloud in the museum :/ ). We also walked past Chanel, oh my goodness it is HUGE! Then into Uniqlo and back to the hotel to rest our aching feet :) 

1. Some dresses from Madame de Gres exhibit
2. Details of dress
3. Sketches from the exhibit
4. Turquoise and gold lion doorknob
5. Me in front of THE Chanel store
6. Just some of the Chanel store
7. Uniqlo entrance
8. Island in the Seine with Notre Dame
9. My lovely mother - loving the double red and green bag