25 March 2011

on this beautiful day...

Lovely weather - sun, blue skies and green green grass can only mean
one thing... SHOPPING! Yes I'm bad but hey new season = new clothes...
these are my current wants - student loan allowing.

Top left - £34 Topshop Nude Double Layer Playsuit, £110 ASOS Outlet Urban Code Leather Biker,
£18 Topshop Heart Tank, £8 ASOS Leaf Arm Cuff, £33 Topshop Nude Cape Blouse,
£35 ASOS Petite Navy Plain Drape Crop Dress, £14 ASOS Rose Quartz Ring, £40 ASOS Leaf Playsuit,
£20 ASOS Gold Vintage Bracelet Watch, £29.90 Mango at ASOS Bright Denim Shorts,
£35 Topshop Blue Denim Spot Full Skirt, £12 ASOS Carousel Long Pendant,
£35 ASOS Open Weave Slouch Knit Top, £10 Topshop Branch Claw Ring   

cut outs...

 Above: Love the fact that the two semi circles don't quite match up- makes it more than just a regular beauty shot.

Below: I think the best part of this pictures is the top frame it just draws the eye and then I think the eyes wander down to the incredibly bejewelled clothing.
Earlier in the week my tutor set the task: How can you improve a fashion shoot? 
Part of this was to cut a window out of some card and place it over an image and see what effect
it created. I decided to take this one step further and cut out my images and stick them onto white card.
I wanted to do this to create a more eye catching image- every single image I altered
covered a whole single page spread with no white space at all.

[These images are from Harper's Bazaar December 2010 UK]

Above: This next to a full page would really pop - especially her gaze which is incredible.

Below: Movement is the key thing in this picture and for me the way the top triangle follows the wind
blown hair and coat is beautiful.

22 March 2011

pure genius...

This was in my lecture today and it just grabbed my attention, so bolshy and brilliant!
According to my tutor it was Viktor & Rolf before Perfume deals got in the way. Anyway
I came home and tried googling it but no luck so no idea when it was but isn't it fantastic,
truly what fashion should be.

17 March 2011

vogue paris how i love you...

One day last week a lecture inspired me to actually go and buy some magazines

I wouldn't normally get, so off I went to Smiths where I got Tatler and Vogue Paris.
And oh my am I glad I did when I opened Vogue to find "Coeur a Corps Perdu"
which is like the best combination of 70's Edwardian and good old fashioned
VHS cassette quality! In other words AMAZING!

Here are some of my favourite images from the spread... Enjoy!



12 March 2011

amanda wakeley a/w 2011/12...

This was my first Amanda Wakeley show and I loved it
- camels, browns, oranges and lots of gold sequins!!
The models was in the season classic the ponytail with a twist. Shoes looked
gorgeous but you could tell the models were really struggling to walk in them...
still no one fell over. The day wear was all really minimal and evening wear was simple
but bright and eye catching. Perfect for any red carpet event!

10 March 2011

todd lynn a/w 2011/12...

Todd Lynn... structural, neutral with dashes of colour and lots of fur! I love their
aesthetic, I've seen their shows before and I always feel like there's an air of
drama to their shows- almost like the most fashionable hunting party you've ever seen.

This season was no exception- the music was incredible it all started with drums which
really kicked off the show then for the final walk there Children of the Revolution was playing.
The clothes were all neutral tones and the season favourite red. And oh my goodness
the shoes were to die for! Christian Louboutin at his best. The hair was tightly pulled back
low ponytails with a small plait along the centre top.

For atmosphere and buzz it was an incredible show and I can now dream of
owning their perfectly tailored clothes.

[These photos are all taken by me so please no stealing or editing without asking]

2 March 2011

just a little morning cheer...

I saw this picture this morning and it really made me smile,
I just love the contrast between the dapper suit and bow tie thrown in with
wellies and a rainbow umbrella... brilliant!