21 August 2011

jour trois...

Our third day in Paris we went to Montmarte and saw the Sacre Coeur- not a lot of good pics as it decided to chuck it down. Then walked through Paris to Galleries Lafayette which is an incredible building but absolutely huge! Paris' Harrods. While in Montmarte we went to the fabric district where they literally have streets and streets of fabric shops, it was incredible. Came away with some green silk and navy polka dot fabric so time to get dress making :)

1. Galleries Lafayette dome
2. Fabrics in Montmarte
3. Sacre Coeur
4. Estee Lauder counter in Galleries Lafayette
5. View of Eiffel Tower 
6. More architectural pics of the dome
7. Sculpture on Montmarte building
8. Knitwear VM in Galleries Lafayette
9. Nina Ricci VM in Galleries Lafayette
10. Chanel jewellery store

10 August 2011

let them eat cake...

(asos dress, h&m jacket, primark sandals, bag from italian market)

Trying to find some photographs to sum up Versailles is as it turns out bloody difficult. If you ever get a chance to go grab it with both hands! It's an incredible place one I've wanted to visit since the first time I hear about Marie Antoinette on Blue Peter many a moon ago. 

Excuse the lack of images of what I was wearing- I managed to chuck a drink over the top half of the dress and sleeves of the jacket. So Versailles was incredible everything I'd hoped although I spent the whole time trying to get my head around the fact that people actually lived there. Everything is ornate and beautifully decorated/carved/made, no detail too small. It's such an inspiring place and blinking huge! Now I want to know all about the people who called it home... lucky them. Or not as the case maybe.

1. Grand entrance
2. A lock and door
3. Queens bedchamber- where Marie Antoinette escaped from the rioting crowd
4. Hall of statues of Kings and Queens
5. French doors (or just doors?) and handle
6. Another fantastic hall with statues, how did they find their way around and not get lost?
7. Lights (duh) one of a gazillion which were all beautiful with stunning details
8. View from the gigantic gardens
9. Door handle- these were an obsession of mums in Paris
10. Petit Trianon -yes this is the small one there's also the Grand Trianon
11. View of Marie Antoinette's Hamlet from the Petit Trianon- last photo before camera died

et voila Versailles in 11 pics... basically think luxury, extravagance and detailing... and lots of it!

*Marie Antoinette never actually said let them eat cake, it was printed in a newspaper for effect and to stir up the publics dislike of the royal family.

9 August 2011

paris photo diary jour un...

(dress zara, shirt mums, shoes primark, sunglasses asos, bag market in Italy, watch esprit andbracelets are- 
a bangle from France; blue and green homemade; gold is about four put together all vintage and petite lovelinks charm bracelet)

Excuse the lack of posts but I've been recovering from 5 days walking everywhere (well pretty much) and carrying very heavy bags (what can I say packing light is definately not a skill).

Anyway soo many pics and these were my faves from day 1, which involved the tourist trails. So we saw the Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and a gazillion other things. It was sightseeing on feet on prozac... and the fun had only just begun...

1. St.Pancras 
2. Notre Dame
3. Breakfast in a square near our hotel
4. Locks of love bridge 
5. Even the lamposts are tasteful!
6. The Louvre for lunch
7. Vintage Metro sign
8. Bright nails and bracelets
9. Arc de Triomphe
10. Charming the ladybugs ;)

3 August 2011

paris je t'aime...

Ooh lala... I am currently in the city of love and fashion PARIS!! Here for the week to sightsee and shop. So excited to be here haven't been since I was 10, definitely time for a visit. Pics soon :)

image from Vogue Paris July 2009