31 October 2011

my next purchase...

Something I genuinely need is a new camera. I've been dreaming of owning an SLR for about a year now and use mums every time I'm home. So next time some of that lovely student finance money comes through I'll definitely be buying one.

Now to pick one... any suggestions?

27 October 2011

spreading like wild-glitter...

I've seen these Miu Miu glitter shoes everywhere! Magazines, blogs, celebrities and I just cannot decide if I like them or not. My girly side says YEY- pink and sparkly. but my style sense says sandals and shoe boots combined... huh? And the way the heel curves looks odd. Plus the price, yowza. So when I spotted these £80 Topshop alternatives my heart sang, and then when I started looking, well. They are everywhere. I've got to admit I'm now in love with Zara's silver peep-toe. So perfect for the Christmas season.

Thank goodness glitter is everywhere, so my girly side can rest easy :)

24 October 2011


DKNY PR Girl has been revealed as Aliza Licht, SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan. I've been following her on twitter for as long as I've had it and her tumblr. As a fashion communication and promotion student she gives me an amazing insight into what goes on in the day-to-day life of real life PR pro.  

If you haven't seen or heard of her before then it is well worth following her.

These are her Twitter and Tumblr... enjoy!

23 October 2011

riding through the woods...

I've finally been to Sherwood Forest, it only took a year.

Mum came to visit with Monty so we took him for a walk there and followed one of the trails. It was a perfect day for it, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Got to admit there are some very old tree's (one's 500 years old... but it's being held up -seems kind of like cheating to me) and it's a lovely place to go but I won't be rushing back. Maybe I'm spoilt for woods and greenery at home, but somehow it's not the same when you've got to follow a path and map. Way bigger fan of wondering about making it and guessing -not in a big wood obviously.
Anyway it's still a beautiful place and I did take some pictures but mum brought the wrong lead so I'll upload them when I'm next home. The above images are from the best Robin Hood film (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 1991, it might be as old as me but it is amazing even if you just watch it for Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham -watch it!) and a Harper's Bazaar shoot showing Carolina Herrera's A/W 2008 Robin Hood-esque collection... got to love a good feathered hat.

22 October 2011

now you see it now you don't...

Saw this today and was completely blown away, it's an ad for make-up brand Dermablends new concealer and make-up remover. Think he looks familiar well unless you've been living under a rock, or don't ever see a music channel he's Zombie Boy a.k.a Rick Genest from Lady Gaga's Born This Way video and he's walked the catwalk for Thierry Mugler. Covered from waist up entirely in tattoo's he's totally unrecognisable at the start of the ad. Not sure this will appeal to everyone but I think it's fantastic and creative, and it definitely shows the product does it's job which is the point after all.

Pure advertising genius.

19 October 2011

sometimes it just isn't right...

Yesterday afternoon I went for a wander round the shops as I've been lusting after a leather jacket for ages. It just seems like the perfect piece to throw on top of an outfit and would keep me a tad warmer- I'm in protest, I refuse to wear a winter coat yet! 
After going into Zara, Topshop, Next and Miss Selfridge I came to the realisation that they just don't work on me and admitted defeat. For one thing they don't fit properly, if they fight my shoulders they don't fit my waist and vice-versa, and I refuse to buy a coat I can't do up properly. So what to do? Well a leather jacket clearly isn't meant to be but I still need something to keep me warmer until I admit defeat and dredge out the winter coat. Then walking around I kept seeing gillets... everywhere! Which was when I spotted the one above in Next. It's so perfect and it fits! Really cosy, faux sheepskin with a hood. 
Perfection. Problem solved.
Now all I need is my student loan...

16 October 2011

what are you like...

One of my latest uni projects has been to come up with a way to display some information about myself through a what are you like moodboard. To do this we had to pick 10 categories from a list they gave us and represent these visually. The categories were: food; pastime; book; animal; aversion; comfort; place; weather; transport; clothes; shoes; music and possession.
These are my two attempts. I did the illustrated one first then tried doing one using photographs I'd taken and had on my laptop-still need to buy myself a camera! So the items for some of the categories are slightly different but hey-ho I change my mind every other week so this represents that.
I think I prefer the postcard one as I really do love photography and do it much more often than I draw. Plus who doesn't love getting mail, so much more exciting than texts and emails.

Illustrated: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (book); Crystal Ball by Pink (music); Cupcake (food); Toms (shoes); Heart Necklace (possession); Sunshine (weather); Crayons (pastime); Denim Shorts (clothes); NYC Taxi (transport; My Home (Comfort/Place).
Postcard: Back of Stamp (aversion); Photography (pastime); Barabrif Loaf (food); Westwood and Burton Bushes (place); An Outfit I Love (clothes); My Home (comfort); My Puppy Monty (animal); Sunset and a Clear Sky (weather); Earings that used to belong to my Granny (possession); Barbour Wellies (shoes) and NYC Taxi (transport).

(all of the above images and illustration are mine, please don't use without permission)

15 October 2011

everything under the sun...

By the Osman show I'd figured out how to use my camera and actual be able to see the models not just a white blur. Looking back at the pictures reinforces the randomness of the collection. Everything from vivid lime green with a textured surface to etheral draped pieces to skin tight trousers and bow detail tops! Phew exhausting just writing it.

Can't say I was a huge fan of the hair or the shoes, but even though the clothes weren't an in sync collection they were beautiful. I especially loved the colours though, no wallflowers here!

(all of the above images are mine, please don't use without permission)

12 October 2011

her name was lola...

I've been a fan of Issa London ever since I saw their show for four seasons ago, and this year didn't disappoint. 

My favourite show ever! The atmosphere was electric, I felt like I'd been transported to a carnival in Rio, not like I was in rainy London. From the music, to the Barbie hair. to the I heart Rio themed mini collection before the final walk, to the designer herself dancing down the runway the whole thing was spectacular. Oh and not forgetting the clothes, all of which would make the perfect Summer wardrobe. 

It was a fashion show at it's best, pure escapism and fantasy.

(all images from style.com apart from the invites)

10 October 2011

better late than never...

Finally a LFW post! I know it's been 2 weeks since it actually happened but here we go.

It was my fourth season working there and totally worth every second. The press lounge got moved out to Somerset House, so no more watching people queue for shows and bloggers had their own area. Oh and perhaps the biggest change, no more food. Man can journalists eat! No joke the question I got asked the most was is there food now? 

Oh and Vitamin Water, there was a room full and on the last day we'd actually run out! How I have no idea. Although one of the oddest experiences was standing in the vitamin water room for over an hour looking after the Olympic athletes clothes while they did the press call. Plus I then got to return the Holly Fulton outfit that Amy Williams was wearing. Only at LFW right? Crazy but amazing. Oh and I'm an official member of the Olympics 2012 who would've known.

Anyway this season thanks to these changes it was a much more serious work focused area. Not a let's hang out and eat all our meals for free one. I got to see the exhibition and a few shows- cannot actually wait for S/S 2012! I love seeing the Estethica exhibition as I think ethical fashion is becoming a necessity in today's world. 

These are just a few of the pics I took of the site, where I was working and on my walk home.

6 October 2011

le retour...

I'm back from London and started year 2 of uni- hence the long gap in blogs. This pic is from the Issa show, which was possibly the most amazing show I've ever seen (more on that later), I took it while I was trying to figure out what camera setting to use as the lights are so bright. Love the effect and it kind of sums up the carnival mood of the show with the bright green, yellow and pink. 

5 October 2011

LV how I love thee...

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 show. 
Carousels, cut outs and floral everywhere.