19 May 2011

the edits...

Ok I have insomnia hence the 5AM(!!) post... one of the joys of uni life!

Anyways these are the edited versions of the photoshoot-
I tried to make it darker and the colours more vivid... enjoy :)

15 May 2011

photosoot part one...

For uni we had to do a group photoshoot for the brand Bedford Street Laundry to
launch them into the UK.

These are some of my favourites pictures we took- wondering around
Nottingham looking for location we found this incredible rooftop
which is perfect for our brand.

I'll post the edited final images soon :)

9 May 2011


A track from Loud and her newest single.
Not an oh nana in sight!

8 May 2011

pop goes the elephant...

Elephant from Pop magazine Spring/Summer 2011
Photographer - Sean & Seng
Stylist - Tamara Rothstein
Model - Samantha Gradoville

One of my favourite shoots, everything is stunning
- the clothes, the landscape all works perfectly together.

If only my holidays were this glamourous.

a day to remember...

The first time we saw the dress properly and were told it was by McQueen...
truly a fairytale (and fashion) moment

Carole Middleton looked impeccable in Catherine Walker (who used to dress Diana)
and the most adorable bridesmaid, Eliza Lopes who had to be picked up to be able to
see over the edge... aww
Bridesmaid Grace steals the shot, but the new couple look so happy it doesn't matter

Apparently Prince Harry helped decorate the car! 
See they're just the same as any other newlyweds- bar the fact there was a helicopter
above and a 4by4 following

Kates second dress another McQueen by Sarah Burton, basically exactly the same as
the first dress just simplified down with a nice belt and fluffy bolero jacket.

Wherever you were when it happened, whatever you were doing history was made
and wasn't it amazing! A day we'll all remember for numerous reasons...
the dress, how happy Kate and William looked, the fashion! 
A perfect day and start to their marriage.

The Davids + 1
David and Victoria                                David and Samantha
She looked impecable in one of her own    Samantha looked like she would any day 
 designs, specially made Chrisitan            and no hat what was she thinking!
Louboutin and Philip Treacy hat-              Basically a complete let down in the
pregnant and one of the best dressed          fashion stakes- Yes it was Burberry
VB i applaud you!                                   Yes it was nice but 
     He wore his OBE medal on               royal wedding suitable it was not
the right instead of left, lucky                          David was mismatched trousers
for him someone pointed it out inside                  waistcoat, tie and tails..zzzzzz
Beckhams 1 - Camerons 0

The official photographs from the throne room- how very posh!