12 April 2011

abc easy as 123...

Over easter my uni project was to create an alphabet, which we had to photograph ourselves.
I really enjoyed doing this and started off trying to find letters in the shapes of an orchid
at home. But I didn't like the pics as I wanted the letters to be obvious.

Anyway I wound up making them out of jelly beans on grass, then turned them into
polaroids and stuck them onto a sky background et voila!

6 April 2011

easter bunny where are you?

For some reason Nott Trent seems to have their holiday dates mixed up... which is why I'm now on my second week of the holiday and on Sunday I'm going back to uni- then back home again 2 weeks later... grrr

Anyway productivity this holiday has been pretty much nill work wise. Safe to say I've stuck my head in the sand and avoided it at all costs. The only uni work I've done has been to start an alphabet which I have to design for the end of May... leaving the work which is due at the end of next for - erm well next week :D

So the pics above are of my Easter so far - One of my favourite things: homemade food.. yummy, walking my lovely if slightly slobbery dog, warm weather = converse, start of my uni alphabet and a pic from my trip to Leeds... needless to say I only saw the nightclub and uni accommodation :D think I've got my priorities right.

Oh and I am currently lusting after gingham... so summery... so perfect

[I used http://www.polaroin.com/ to turn my photos into polaroids]