24 December 2011

oh christmas tree...

(1/ Bauble on the tree 2/ Christmas biscuits cooking 3/ Iced and ready to eat 4/ Tie-dyed jeans 5/ Tree lights  6/ Presents waiting to be opened tomorrow) 
It's Christmas tomorrow! Eeek. Since my birthday I've made Christmas biscuits, tie-dyed jeans- not at all Christmassy but since coming home from uni all I want to do are crafty things anyone else get whithdrawl from baking and DIYing? And we put up the Christmas tree and covered in decorations, minimal chic it isn't but I love it all the same!

For the gingerbread Christmas biscuits I used this recipe and for the jeans I used these directions but I don't know if there was something wrong with my bleach but my jeans wound up in the bleach for about 2 days and they still didn't come out white! No idea why?! Hopefully they'll look good on, finger's crossed.

Now time for Christmas Eve lunch with the family, have a lovely Christmas :)

18 December 2011

on the first day of Christmas...

(1/ Present wrapping finished 2/ Monty's Christmas bandana 3/ Birthday candles 4/ Ear piercings (sorry for the bad quality) 5/ MK watch and bracelets 6/ Ring and jumper 7/ Iced bun b'day cakes :))

So since my last post I've finished uni, come home, wrapped a ton of Christmas presents and turned 20! The end of term was really busy and full on as we had a big presentation to a multi-national company.. eek. 
Monday was my twentieth birthday-see the rather unconventional b'day cake ;) As I seem to have broken up a week before everyone else I spent the day with mum going for lunch and round town, and I got my eyes pierced 3 times, ouch.

For my birthday I'd bought myself-is that bad?- a Michael Kors watch I've been eyeing for ages when asos did 25% student discount! Also got a homemade jumper :) some jewellery, a calendar of my holiday in Paris and a few other things. 

Now it's a week till Christmas... time to put up the tree.

3 December 2011

so summery, so simple, so beautiful....

New York Times May 2011 Girl Overboard with Daria Werbowy

Never mind the fact that it's December and there's now been snow in England, this is one of my favourite editorials. I think they can be really overdone and try hard and this one just feels effortless.