18 January 2011

satchel squared...

(Above Topshop Tan Buckle Detail Satchel £36; Below ASOS Leather Traditional Satchel £60)

First day back at uni since the Christmas Hols and NYC so everyones got something
new, well two of my friends came in with exactly the same new bag. Now I've got
to be honest my first thought was "Topshop" as this seems to be the staple
 for everyone my age, and I was right. Personally I avoid this shop as I can pretty
much be guaranteed that no matter what I buy from there someone else at uni
will be wearing it too. I think this makes your look lose it's individuality and
it's not like you can dress up a bag in different ways, plus it's something your going
to use everyday so why not try and find something no one else will hopefully own?

This is one of the reasons I love websites like asos, there are so many items that it's
pretty unlikely someone else will own the exact same thing. Plus as much as it's
popular still not everyone uses it-not as religiously as I do anyway! So look further
afield for your staples in the future and then hopefully you'll get asked where it's from, 
unless it's a Mulberry bag. Then I encourage you to buy one and where it proudly
-along with everyone else who's lucky enough to own one.

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