15 January 2011

westwood walk 15/01/2011...

when I went to New York last year I visited Mood (the fabric shop from Project Runway)
and was asked who designed my coat, a very exciting moment considering it's from Next!
I bought it needless to say before I they're ad campaign came out which they had included it 
in. The hat is New Look, jeans Uniqlo and Wellies ASDA. The hat below is from
the Migros in Switzerland.


                                                         Trousers Uniqlo, Wellies Primark

One of the best things about home is the Westwood- a huge expanse of grass trees
and woods where you can find dog walkers, golfers and runners. I used my mums SLR Nikon camera, which has made me even more determined to buy one myself. These are my favourite pictures from the walk...

[Photos by moi, no copying, editing, using or re-distributing without permission, thanks]

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