16 February 2011

getting ready for LFW...

[Ring from small jewellery shop in New York]

[Ring from Dorothy Perkins]

[Necklace from ASOS]

So yesterday I decided to sort out what I'm gonna wear for LFW... decisions decisions!
I'm not very good at planning my clothes ahead as I never know what I'm gonna feel
like wearing so a bit of a challenge. Anyway I now have my six outfits sorted, YEY!

By the time I finally got round to planning it was gone 1 in the morning so the light was
awful to try and take pics with, also I'm back at uni so I'm now back to using my
compact no more of mums amazing Nikon SLR :( but you can sort of see two of my
outifts below. Will try and post some better pics of my outfits soon.
 Now all I have to do is pack :)

[Photos by moi, no copying, editing, using or re-distributing without permission, thanks]

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