26 February 2011

osman a/w 2011/12...

 Now I've been a huge fan of Osman since I saw his show last year at fashion week
I love his use of colour and the cut of his clothes, breathtaking!

The atmosphere was really calm and serene, the music setting the scene for next A/W.
The catwalk itself was a long white strip of fabric with a purple/blue/violet print 
running along the centre- oh I should mention that this season there was no catwalk
in the BFC showspace just floorboards. For this show I had to help seat BFC sponsors
-which basically involved telling people not to sit on reserved seats. 

The clothes themselves used lots of bright colours and black leather. The fabric was often quilted 
with stitch detailing on top. I loved the colours all so bright and vibrant and
will be perfect for brightening up a Winter day. The models were really pale and
wore black wigs with an asymmetric grown out bob and straight fringe.

My favourite outfits were the pale turquoise trousers and bright orange quilted top
and the finale dress which was a fuschia full length dress with a triangle of cobalt blue
and cut out detailing... gorgeous... roll on next season!

[These photos are all taken by me so please no stealing or editing without asking]

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