25 March 2011

cut outs...

 Above: Love the fact that the two semi circles don't quite match up- makes it more than just a regular beauty shot.

Below: I think the best part of this pictures is the top frame it just draws the eye and then I think the eyes wander down to the incredibly bejewelled clothing.
Earlier in the week my tutor set the task: How can you improve a fashion shoot? 
Part of this was to cut a window out of some card and place it over an image and see what effect
it created. I decided to take this one step further and cut out my images and stick them onto white card.
I wanted to do this to create a more eye catching image- every single image I altered
covered a whole single page spread with no white space at all.

[These images are from Harper's Bazaar December 2010 UK]

Above: This next to a full page would really pop - especially her gaze which is incredible.

Below: Movement is the key thing in this picture and for me the way the top triangle follows the wind
blown hair and coat is beautiful.

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