26 February 2012

big skincare mystery...

Magazines, internet, just walking along the street we're bombarded with ads and brands constantly. So I was really intrigued when I heard about the Big Skincare Mystery. Basically a brand is launching a 2in1 face mask and face wash, but no one knows which brand it is (although if your subscribed to Glamour you might now know). I was immediately intrigued and tried it out as a mask and wash straight away with the sample from my March Glamour-I know Neutrogena do something similar but I've never tried it so can't compare. I thought it worked well but wasn't blown away, but then I got back to uni and my skin started breaking out all over the place, not a pretty sight. So I gave it another go and it definitely helped improve my skin, only problem is I ran out straight away and can't repurchase yet! But on 1st March they're revealing the brand and finger's crossed it will be in my local Boots ASAP.

Overall I think this has been a fantastic concept as it means the product stands on it's own two feet and not on the brand name. There's definitely been some hype on blogs and Glamour where it's featured but the product is fantastic so it's been positive responses all round - I don't think I've actually seen a negative review. Have any of you tried this or Neutrogena's 2in1? What did you think? If you haven't and want to you can get a free sample through their facebook page here. Roll on 1st March :)

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