7 March 2012

Topshop Make up Brushes Review...

About a month ago I bought some Topshop make up brushes (haul here) and have been giving them a bit of a trial run ever since. I got the smudger and concealer brush, normally I don't shop in Topshop for this type of product but I had a voucher so thought I'd give them a whirl.

First up the smudger/blending brush. For me the bristles are just too short, you can really blend your eyeshadow easily. For eyeliner its a bit easier as it isn't a fluffy brush but still not fantastic in my opinion. Saying that it seems good quality with minimal shedding and I've washed it a few times with no problems. For me it just doesn't do what I want... pretty blended eyeshadow so I'm on the lookout for another blending brush although I will keep this one for eyeliner blending.

I also got the concealer brush. I don't think this one is as good quality, it sheds a fair amount and needs cleaning really often. Plus I think the way it tapered makes it harder to get good coverage with concealer. 

Not the most successful of purchases and I won't be buying anymore make up brushes from Topshop, although I do really want to try their make up range as I've heard loads of good things -have you guys used it, what did you think?

I've also read good reviews on the No7 brushes from Boots and seeing as I've got a few £5 off vouchers am tempted to try theirs after reading Sunday Girl's review. Time for another trip to the shops... :)


  1. Very nice Photography!