9 August 2011

paris photo diary jour un...

(dress zara, shirt mums, shoes primark, sunglasses asos, bag market in Italy, watch esprit andbracelets are- 
a bangle from France; blue and green homemade; gold is about four put together all vintage and petite lovelinks charm bracelet)

Excuse the lack of posts but I've been recovering from 5 days walking everywhere (well pretty much) and carrying very heavy bags (what can I say packing light is definately not a skill).

Anyway soo many pics and these were my faves from day 1, which involved the tourist trails. So we saw the Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and a gazillion other things. It was sightseeing on feet on prozac... and the fun had only just begun...

1. St.Pancras 
2. Notre Dame
3. Breakfast in a square near our hotel
4. Locks of love bridge 
5. Even the lamposts are tasteful!
6. The Louvre for lunch
7. Vintage Metro sign
8. Bright nails and bracelets
9. Arc de Triomphe
10. Charming the ladybugs ;)

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