4 September 2011

exhibitons, shops and very sore feet...

Fourth day and feet are dead... this wasn't helped by a half hour walk in the wrong direction! Anyway once we got to the Bourdelle Museum we saw the Madame de Gres exhibit which was stunning. Her pieces are incredible the amount of detail on each dress and seeing them alongside Roman sculptures just added to the drama. Then onto Les Arts Decoratif Museum to see the Hussein Chalayan exhibit, his clothes aren't really my thing but the technology and thought process behind them is pretty incredible (no photos aloud in the museum :/ ). We also walked past Chanel, oh my goodness it is HUGE! Then into Uniqlo and back to the hotel to rest our aching feet :) 

1. Some dresses from Madame de Gres exhibit
2. Details of dress
3. Sketches from the exhibit
4. Turquoise and gold lion doorknob
5. Me in front of THE Chanel store
6. Just some of the Chanel store
7. Uniqlo entrance
8. Island in the Seine with Notre Dame
9. My lovely mother - loving the double red and green bag

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