4 September 2011

la fin...

Final day in Paris and hardly any walking! After having seen what felt like every Parisienne woman with a mystery handbag we finally asked someone where on earth it was from. Transpires it's a fold up bag (they have a whole range of 'Le Pliage' bags -so one for everyone- which are patented) from Longchamps, after a quick look on the internet it turns out it's €75. So final morning off we went to Longchamps where I bought my Parisienne bag :) and then a pair of boat shoes round the corner from a shop called Mandsfield. Was a lovely morning, breakfast in a cafe, walked past churches, designer shops and lovely squares. Then crepes for lunch where we could see the Sorbonne and Eiffel Tower. Taxi to the Gard du Nord and two trains later we were home. It was an incredible holiday, lot of walking and sightseeing but mainly just soaking up Paris. Loved it, no one dresses quite like the Parisienne's.
1. Morning chocolat chaud
2. Mum and I at breakfast
3. Last streetlight
4. Longchamps Le Pliage handbag display
5. Choosing the bag
6. The new purchase :)
7. Shoes!
8. Lunch... yum
9. Taxi ride to the Eurostar
10. Final door handle!

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  1. I've been loving your whole photo diary of Paris, I'm so jealous, looks like you've been having an amazing time! Your photos are great :)