16 October 2011

what are you like...

One of my latest uni projects has been to come up with a way to display some information about myself through a what are you like moodboard. To do this we had to pick 10 categories from a list they gave us and represent these visually. The categories were: food; pastime; book; animal; aversion; comfort; place; weather; transport; clothes; shoes; music and possession.
These are my two attempts. I did the illustrated one first then tried doing one using photographs I'd taken and had on my laptop-still need to buy myself a camera! So the items for some of the categories are slightly different but hey-ho I change my mind every other week so this represents that.
I think I prefer the postcard one as I really do love photography and do it much more often than I draw. Plus who doesn't love getting mail, so much more exciting than texts and emails.

Illustrated: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (book); Crystal Ball by Pink (music); Cupcake (food); Toms (shoes); Heart Necklace (possession); Sunshine (weather); Crayons (pastime); Denim Shorts (clothes); NYC Taxi (transport; My Home (Comfort/Place).
Postcard: Back of Stamp (aversion); Photography (pastime); Barabrif Loaf (food); Westwood and Burton Bushes (place); An Outfit I Love (clothes); My Home (comfort); My Puppy Monty (animal); Sunset and a Clear Sky (weather); Earings that used to belong to my Granny (possession); Barbour Wellies (shoes) and NYC Taxi (transport).

(all of the above images and illustration are mine, please don't use without permission)

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