24 December 2011

oh christmas tree...

(1/ Bauble on the tree 2/ Christmas biscuits cooking 3/ Iced and ready to eat 4/ Tie-dyed jeans 5/ Tree lights  6/ Presents waiting to be opened tomorrow) 
It's Christmas tomorrow! Eeek. Since my birthday I've made Christmas biscuits, tie-dyed jeans- not at all Christmassy but since coming home from uni all I want to do are crafty things anyone else get whithdrawl from baking and DIYing? And we put up the Christmas tree and covered in decorations, minimal chic it isn't but I love it all the same!

For the gingerbread Christmas biscuits I used this recipe and for the jeans I used these directions but I don't know if there was something wrong with my bleach but my jeans wound up in the bleach for about 2 days and they still didn't come out white! No idea why?! Hopefully they'll look good on, finger's crossed.

Now time for Christmas Eve lunch with the family, have a lovely Christmas :)


  1. yum! I need to make some cookies now..

    found the route

  2. Merry Christmas!


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