12 January 2012

time to say hello again...

(1/ Zara sale dress which I wore for NYE 2/ New earrings from Topshop 3/ Cupcake Jar! 4/ Next Gilet 5/ Shoes from Paris  6/ Topshop wedges 7/ Superga) 

Report, report, report! That's literally what I've been doing since I came back to uni, and before that I was ill - although luckily after NYE. So that's why the long silence. Anyway hello again and welcome 2012! These are some pictures I took over the Christmas hols of presents, sales bargains and my NYE outfit, can't believe that was less than 2 weeks ago.

I finally bought the gilet from Next I've been eyeing up since October (see this post) and it payed off, got it for £30 instead of £65. My other sale bargains were my Superga's which I got for £24.99 instead of £40 and the Zara dress which I got for £23.99 instead of £30. Topshop heels were full price and I got at the start of December, and they are amazingly comfortable. The rest were presents, I've been waiting for these shoes since Paris and now it's too cold to wear them! Typical. Roll on Summer!

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