15 February 2012


Diane Von Furstenberg's Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign features a model wearing one of her dresses in a gorgeous landscape, so far so normal, but one crucial difference - where the models face should be there's a mirror which leaves an image of the sky where her face should be. Apparently this is in reference to surrealist painter Salvador Dali, but for me it just seems strange. When I was flicking through Elle it definitely made it stand out but is this really a good ad or just something to generate buzz.
The purpose of an ad is to sell the product, who wants to buy into a clothing brand that is about being faceless. This effectively gets rid of the biggest maker of individuality in a person. Are DVF marketing their clothes to faceless clothes horses? If they wanted to create talk they've managed but at the end of the day if people are talking and not buying... ad fail. Not that I think it will really impact their sales but it certainly makes me think twice about what type of consumer they think they have. I'm not convinced, what do you guys think?

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