16 February 2012

home baking...

One of my favourite things about going home is that I can bake! My oven at uni is just plain shocking, tried to bake a cake and it was en epic fail but hey ho I go baking crazy when I get home.
Over the week I tried out these 4 new recipes, 2 are from  Good Housekeeping's Favourite Cakes, Bakes and Cupcakes and the other 2 from the BBC website which is ace for recipes so check it out!
1) Mini Tiramisu Cakes - Perfect combination of tiramisu and cupcake! Saw these on Baking Made Easy and the next day I was baking away. I actually wound up making 1 and a half (18) times the number of cupcakes as I had so much filling and syrup. They really are delicious and best when left for 24 hours for the syrup to soak into the cakes. 

2) Scones - Got this recipe from the Good Housekeeping book, it's actually for white chocolate scones but I swapped this for sultanas. Best eaten straight out the oven, well let them cool first!

3) Gingerbread Cake with Lemon Icing - The recipe actually calls for orange icing but I'm not that big a fan so used lemon juice and zest instead, this stops the cake from being too sweet. 

4) Spiced Carrot Cake Muffins - These are from Good Housekeeping again, I just swapped the crushed almonds for walnuts and cut the muffins in half when cooled to make them like mini cakes. My favourite carrot cake recipe that I've ever made.

If you love baking I'd definitely recommend the Good Housekeeping cookbook it's got a good mix of recipes and gives really clear instructions. So if your considering buying go for it! 

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